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In a world where everyone is taking cash for granted and new digital -payment methods are being heavily marketed, Loomis thought it was time to bring some perspectives to why cash is such an important part of the infrastructure around the globe. Cash is many things to many people, and we are certainly not alone in liking cash.

Here are 5 reasons we think why:

The right services
for your company.

We can provide your company with the right services. Using LOOMIS’s services will make you more efficient and more economical. You have found the right partner in LOOMIS.

Our services at a glance

Money and
valuables transport

Cash Services

ATM Services


Supply of

In addition to money, we also transport all kinds of valuables.

LOOMIS transports your valuables and money securely, providing you with the highest possible quality – guaranteed!

LOOMIS optimises your cash flows and ensures a uniform flow of information and cost transparency.

Increase your efficiency, save time and minimise your risk.

LOOMIS offers you a complete service:

We fill your ATM boxes, balance funds, log activities and test the units.

A service engineer is available for major repairs.

With the LOOMIS SafePoint system and its specially designed SafePoint safe, LOOMIS guarantees maximum security for your cash – whether in the business or in transit.

LOOMIS guarantees a reliable supply of change throughout Austria. This shall be delivered in the course of collecting your daily cash receipts.

"Do what you do best!"

Just worry about what is important to you. LOOMIS will take care of managing your money.