History of Loomis AB

Loomis has over 160 years’ experience of handling cash. This long history is your guarantee that, with us as your partner, you have an expert in this field.

Henry Wells and William Fargo found the company Wells Fargo & Co. during the California Gold Rush. The company was later renamed Wells Fargo Armored Services. A few years later, the company takes over parts of the legendary Pony Express, the first express mail service in North America.

During the Alaska Gold Rush, Lee Loomis establishes the Cleary Creek Commercial Company, which later becomes the Loomis Armored Car Service. The company supplies miners in Alaska with commodities using dog sleds.

Erik Philip-Sørensen establishes Helsingborgs Nattvakt in Helsingborg, Sweden. The company expands internationally within a very short time and later becomes Securitas.

Loomis Armored Car Service takes over Wells Fargo Armored and renames the entire company Loomis, Fargo & Co.

Loomis, Fargo & Co. merges with Securitas.

Securitas Cash Handling Services becomes Loomis.

Loomis goes public in Stockholm, Sweden.

Loomis opens a branch office in Slovakia and acquires the Slovak cash handling company Fenix.

Loomis expands into the Czech Republic by acquiring the Czech cash handling company Fenix and its 500 employees.

Loomis expands into Turkey. Following the acquisition of the Pendum company in the USA, Loomis become the market leader there.

Loomis expands into the Latin American region through the acquisition of an Argentinian company. The entire Spanish mainland can be covered through the acquisition of the company Efectivox.

Loomis takes over VIA MAT Holding AG. This acquisition allows Loomis to extends its range of services as a result of the creation of new international valuables transport routes.

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